Special Offer

Aquamate Rainsaver Offer

Collect Rainwater from the roof of your tank!

All Aquamate tanks are supplied with corrugated roofing sheets.  This enables Aquamate to offer a unique water catchment system for the roof of the water tank. Aquamate “Rainsavers” are placed at the end of most of the corrugations to catch the majority of the water before it runs off the tank. This system can increase your catchment area by up to 1,400 sq ft. In a 20” rainfall area, that means more than 16,000 extra gallons of rainwater can be collected that would otherwise go to waste.

Rainsaver Gutter System

Tank Size 20″ of Rain Collects Price Special Offer
12,000 & 16,000 Gallons 2,800 Gallons $300 $0
28,000 & 37,000 Gallons 6,400 Gallons $500 $0
50,000 & 65,000 Gallons 11,400 Gallons $700 $0
77,000 & 102,000 Gallons 17,800 Gallons $900 $0

Rainwater tanks that catch their own Rainwater
Rainsaver Graph