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Since 1986, when we installed our very first Poly Lined Steel Water Tank, Aquamate have set the standard in cost efficient large volume water tanks by designing and manufacturing tanks that are transported inexpensively anywhere in the world and assembled in a day in most cases by trained and qualified installers.

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Aquamate’s range of Poly Lined Steel Water Tanks combine the proven durability and strength of corrugated galvanized steel with a safe and reliable polyethylene lining to create the most efficient and affordable large volume water tank available today.


Galvanized WallsAquamate Galvanized Steel Walls

Today there are other suppliers of Poly Lined Steel Water Tanks, many claiming that GALVALUME® (aka ZINCALUME®) steel will outlast Galvanized materials in this application.  Simply put, Aquamate knows this is not true Learn More

Polyethylene LinerAquamate Solid Polyethylene Tank Liner

An Aquamate tank liner is manufactured and tested in our state of the art manufacturing facility.  Our solid Polyethylene liner has been tested and approved for the safe storage of drinking water in accordance with NSF 61.

Geotextile UnderlayAquamate Geotextile Tank Liner Underlay

Every Aquamate water tank is supplied and fitted with a Geotextile Tank Liner Underlay which provides the ultimate protection against liner damage from imperfections in the tank base for the life of the tank.

Moisture Barrier

For added protection, Aquamate install a moisture barrier underneath the tank wall.  Made from a durable and UV resistant geomembrane, the moisture barriers also assists to prevent base erosion and makes an excellent salt barrier.

Secure AccessAquamate 30inch Lockable Hinged Roof Access Hatch

Aquamate’s heavy duty 30″ wide (40” across the diagonal) hinged lockable roof access hatch with removable ladder ensures safe access when needed and security against unwanted access.

Light Proof InletAquamate 20inch Leaf Strainer Inlet with Light Guard

Aquamate’s large volume 20″ Leaf Strainer Inlet includes a Light Guard which is placed under the inlet screen to prevent sunlight entering the tank providing a simple yet effective way to eliminate algae growth.

6″ OverflowAquamate 6inch Overflow with Mozzie Proof Screen

Aquamate’s 6″ Overflow assembly is fitted with an internal elbow to maximize storage capacity and the flap valve with mozzie proof screen ensures there is no access into the tank.

Roof SealAquamate Dust and Vermin Roof Seal Protection

By installing a specially formulated foam strip between the top of the tank wall & under the corrugated roof sheets, we protect your stored water from dust, frogs and most insects.

Rainsaver GutterAquamate Rainsavers

Aquamate offers a unique water catchment system for the roof of their water tank.  Rainsaver caps are placed at the end of each roof sheet to redirect the rainwater into the tank harvesting thousands of gallons of precious rainwater that would otherwise go to waste.

Level IndicatorAquamate Liquidator Level Gauge with Guide Post

The ‘Liquidator’ Level Indicator was designed over 15 years ago and has proven itself to be the most simple, reliable and accurate water level gauge on the market.Liquidator


Optional Facia
Aquamate Roof Facia

Aquamate can install an optional facia around the perimeter of the roof to protect horses and other tall animals from cutting themselves on the edge of the roofing iron.  It also enhances the appearance of your tank.


20 year warranty

Aquamate’s 20 year ‘No Service Costs’ Pro-Rata Warranty leads the industry and is supported by over 30 years of experience choosing the right materials to survive the toughest of conditions.

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