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Since 1986, when we installed our very first steel water tank, Aquamate has set the standard in cost efficient large water tanks. Aquamate design and manufacture water tanks that are transported inexpensively anywhere in the world and in most cases assembled in a day. Using trained water tank installers, Aquamate has delivered hundred of tanks throughout North America, so you can be sure that Aquamate are the right choice for Durable, Reliable and Affordable large volume water storage solutions.

Why choose an Aquamate water tank?

1920x935 Bolting

G145 Galvanized Tank Shell

Lightweight steel panels and heavy duty galvanizing make Aquamate’s tank shells perfectly suited to water storage. Aquamate’s tank panels are covered in a galvanized coating that’s 1.45 ounces per square foot (G145) – the thickest advertised coating on the market. By using lightweight thin-gauge steel panels, Aquamate’s metal tanks have all of the required strength to resist water, snow and seismic loads without the excess material cost.

Aquamate Geomembrane Check

Flexible Polyethylene Tank Liner

Aquamate use a flexible polyethylene material for each of its water tank liners. The liner material is manufactured in North America, then fabricated into liners at our state-of-the-art production facility in Australia. We use a monofilament lining material, as opposed to a coated mesh, because it’s resistant to fatigue cracking and super stretchy – all things you need for a durable water tank. The quality of our tank liners is the reason we can offer a 20 year no-leaks warranty.

What size tanks are available?

Standard Water Tank Range – 7’3″ Cistern Height

Model Code Tank Diameter Gross Volume Availability
UR3D205 17’1″ 12,000 Gallons In Stock
UR3D307 25’7″ 28,000 Gallons In Stock
UR3D409 34’2″ 50,000 Gallons In Stock
UR3D512 42’8″ 77,000 Gallons In Stock

Space Saver Water Tank Range – 9’6″ Cistern Height

Model Code Tank Diameter Nominal Volume Availability
UR4D205 17’1″ 16,000 Gallons In Stock
UR4D307 25’7″ 37,000 Gallons In Stock
UR4D409 34’2″ 65,000 Gallons In Stock
UR4D512 42’8″ 102,000 Gallons In Stock

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