Water Tanks for Well Water

With over 130 million acres of farm and ranch land in Texas alone, well water is an important consideration for those lacking a constant supply of fresh water. Aquamate galvanized water tanks are a durable water storage addition to your well water system, built to withstand the test of time. Whether it’s cattle or broilers, cotton or corn, Aquamate has the right size tank to facilitate the fresh water you extract, ready for use however you need it.

Galvanized water tanks for wind or solar pumping of groundwater

In some cases, the low flow rate of well water extraction mean that you may need to add a water storage reservoir to your system. The addition of a storage reservoir can assist in normalizing water availability, especially if your well runs at reduced flow because of human activities or environmental factors.

Whether you’re using state-of-the-art electronically controlled solar pumps or good ol’ wind power, Aquamate’s galvanized water tanks are an ideal solution as a reservoir. Being maintenance free, Aquamate’s water tanks are well suited to remote locations.

Aquamate water tanks are ideal for well water storage

Our galvanized water tanks can feed directly into livestock troughs or be connected in-line into irrigation systems.

Aquamate’s galvanized water tanks are a much better idea than most other water storage options. The domed roof on our water tanks eliminate the loss of water through evaporation, making them much more effective than regular dams or storage ponds. Unlike poly tanks, which can break down over time when exposed to sunlight radiation, Aquamate steel water tanks are resistant to UV radiation. Concrete tanks, while strong, are expensive to install and the walls can crack over time, especially as the ground underneath settles. Only steel combines the required strength while maintaining the toughness and flexibility required for long-term water storage.

Feature rich and maintenance free, Aquamate water tanks are built for a lifetime

“Aquamate’s galvanized steel tanks are an excellent long term investment”

Well water quality may vary over time due to environmental and human factors. Aquamate’s advanced polyolefin liner materials are resistant to a changes in water quality, temperature and biological make-up.

Aquamate always suggest you test your well water, especially for drinking water. The Texas Well Owner Network has some great resources regarding monitoring your well, including suggesting that you have your well water tested at minimum once per year.

The heavy duty galvanizing on our steel water tank panels make Aquamate’s shells perfectly suited to long term water storage. Aquamate’s tank panels are covered in a galvanized coating that’s 1.45 ounces per square foot (G145) – the thickest advertised coating on the market.

Our galvanized tank shell, along with our heavy duty polyethylene liner, are the reason we can offer our “20 year No-Leaks” warranty on all of our galvanized water tanks when used for the storage of untreated natural water.

Aquamate’s galvanized water tanks can also be combined with our unique Rainsaver rainwater catchment system, collecting additional water than falls on the roof of your tank to supplement your well water.

Aquamate USA - Texas Rain Catchers - Grosvenor TX

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