Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use Galvanized steel rather than Galvalume (aka Zincalume®) steel for your tank walls?

Today, there are other suppliers of poly lined steel tanks, many claiming that Galvalume (aka Zincalume®) steel will outlast Galvanized materials in this application. Simply put, Aquamate knows this is not true.

When a tank is full, the liner is pressed up against the inside wall, causing condensation to be trapped between the liner and the tank wall. The corrosion to Galvalume (Zincalume®) steel is inevitable due to the moist conditions & the lack of oxygen (air), which Galvalume (Zincalume®) steel requires to form its stable oxide films that would normally prevent further corrosion.

For example, Galvalume (Zincalume®) steel roofing & wall cladding on a shed will outperform Galvanized steel because the steel is able to “breathe” (form its stable oxide films). However, if the Galvalume (Zincalume®) steel wall cladding comes in contact with the ground rapid corrosion occurs. This is due to the moisture in the ground and the fact that the steel is unable to breathe. That is why steel barn manufacturers use only galvanized steel for the posts which will be buried ie moist conditions and unable to breathe. The same example is found in fencing and all other structures made of steel.

There is one overriding reason why some tank companies promote Galvalume (Zincalume®) steel in this application, cost. On average Galvanized coated steel costs 33% more than Galvalume (Zincalume®) steel. This is because the Galvanized material that Aquamate supplies has a minimum Zinc coating of 450grams/sqm whilst Galvalume (Zincalume®) steel only has a minimum Zinc/Aluminium coating of 150grams/sqm. That’s 3 times the coating mass of Galvalume (Zincalume®) steel!

Another reason is because they can offer a range of colors using the same cheaper AZ150 coated material roofers use when they supply a curved veranda. Aquamate supplies a variety of colors because we have our steel supplier manufacture the more expensive Galvanized Z450 material with a colored finish. This material is exclusive to Aquamate.

If you’re still not convinced Galvanized material would outlast Galvalume (Zincalume®) steel in a poly lined steel tank then we suggest you obtain independent advice. Ask a traditional tank maker, a barn builder, a fence contractor or a corrosion engineer as to why they would use only Galvanized material in an enclosed moist environment.

ZINCALUME® steel is a trade mark of BlueScope Steel Limited

What should I use if I have mosquitoes in my tank?

If you suspect you have mosquitoes in your tank, do not add petroleum products such as kerosene (paraffin) to your water as this can damage the internal lining in your tank and void your warranty.

Aquamate recommend the use of a highly specific biological pesticide that will not harm people, pets, wildlife, fish or your tanks internal lining. Product such as Mosquito Dunks work extremely well.


Mosquito Dunks.