Site Preparation

Rainwater Tanks – Rubble Base


The tank pad diameter must be at least six feet larger than the diameter of the tank for installation.

  1. Remove all loam, vegetation and sharp objects from the tank pad location.
  2. Wherever possible, the tank site should be excavated into natural ground.
  3. When excavating a site, adequate drainage must be installed to allow water to be diverted around the tank.
  4. When using fill to level a tank site, adequate retaining must be constructed to maintain pad integrity.
  5. Tank base material must be crushed stone or similar, with a maximum particle size of 1/4”
  6. The tank base must be at least 3” thick and level within 1/2”
  7. Once the tank base is complete, ensure any damage by vehicles or livestock is adequately repaired.

On the day of Installation

The customer is required to have available:

  • Someone to advise the orientation of the fittings prior to installation starting
  • Sufficient water to fill 10% of the tank volume while the installer is on site

After the installation

Once your Aquamate water tank installation is complete, be sure to place a layer of free-draining aggregate around the perimeter of the tank to reduce base erosion.