Customer Testimonials

Tim Freund

"I decided to purchase an Aquamate water tank due to the corrosion resistant galvanized panels eliminating the need to service or replace anodes. The staff were friendly and informative. The honesty and professionalism of the installation team is a credit to Aquamate."

Robert Scott

"The Aquamate brand was recommended to me. The staff were friendly and helpful and the installation team fantastic; the site was left in an immaculate condition. The Aquamate product is real value for money."

Steward Weir

"Our first Aquamate tank was purchased many years ago and we have continued to rely on the Aquamate brand. The tanks are easy to install and the team kept in contact to ensure a hassle free installation. We will be purchasing more Aquamate tanks in the future."

Brad Vickers

"We chose an Aquamate tank as many neighboring properties had them installed and they were highly recommended. The purchasing task was simple and the installation process was fast and efficient. We will now be recommending Aquamate tanks to others."

Hayden Owens

"We were impressed with how easy it was to place the order for our Aquamate tank. The staff were very informative and always willing to answer any of our questions. The installation process was simple and the tank looks great!"

Hayden Graetz

"We were so impressed with our first Aquamate tank we went straight back to Aquamate when we required more. We were impressed with their appearance and sound structure and as a repeat customer we were looked after with a great deal. Keep up the great service along with providing a quality product."

Waylon Sutherland

"Aquamate have been very easy to deal with and have provided excellent customer service through out. The quality of the product is exceptional and offers great value for money over their competitors."

Paul Cagney

"Quality of Aquamate tanks bought me back when we required another. Smooth process from ordering of tank to installation. Very happy with product and service provided. "

Davin Slobedman

"Our tank looks great and the service was professional from start to finish. The installer certainly knows his stuff. Great Job Aquamate!"

John Kennett

"I was thoroughly satisfied with the dealings I had with Aquamate from start to finish. I chose to buy an Aquamate tank on warranty and price however, the service and installation team were fantastic, doing a professional job and leaving no mess."

Martin Cooper

"I think that Aquamate tanks are a superior product compared to the alternatives. I was most impressed with the fact they use galvanized steel for their tank panels. Keep doing what you're doing Aquamate!"

Dennis Jones

"This is our 3rd Aquamate tank, the first being purchased 23 years ago. We are very pleased with our recent acquisition and are impressed by the new appearance and innovative upgrades that have taken place over the years. We prefer the galvanized steel over a poly tank in a bush fire prone area and this tank sits neatly and tidily on our hillside. Thank you for such a superior product which is an asset to our property."

Matthew Morgan

"I'm very happy that I chose an Aquamate tank over a smaller Poly Tank for their fire resistance. I was also impressed with how attractive and quick it went up. I would recommend an Aquamate tank and would purchase again if the need arises."

Paul Rainbow

"Aquamate make and fit custom liners for our old steel tanks to extend the life of the tanks. We have dealt with Aquamate for 25 years and we have always been well looked after."

Jack McArdle

"This is our 3rd Aquamate tank. The installation always goes smoothly and the installers clean up really well at the end of the job. We can always rely on Aquamate tanks."

Graham Chandler

"I keep coming back to Aquamate for our tanks as they always meet my expectations. They have the best product structurally and the finish looks great, why would I go anywhere else. I recommend Aquamate at every opportunity."

James Lindner

"Aquamate was recommended by a friend. I was really impressed with the warranty and price. Great service, well done team Aquamate!"

Robert Burdon

"Aquamate's local dealer, Compass Tanks were fantastic to deal with. They have great knowledge of Aquamate tanks and they're local."

Ashley Stringer

"Aquamate tanks are value for money when it comes to capacity. I received excellent service and would recommend Aquamate and their tanks"

Trevor Fisher

“I bought my first Aquamate tank in 2002. The galvanized ‘no maintenance’ structure is performing as promised, so I recently bought my second Aquamate tank.”

Shaun Elsworthy

"Very happy with Aquamate, the service & quality was fantastic. Strongly recommend."

Bruce Buckby

"An Aquamate tank takes up less area than 3 poly tanks and it has more capacity. The installation team was very good and knowledgeable"

Chris Heinjus

"We didn’t have to micro-manage the installation. The people were great. After sales service was excellent!
Aquamate’s honesty is extremely rare in business these days. We would highly recommend Aquamate to others."

Mark Kiley

“Innovation, durability, cost effectiveness and manufacturer support are defining features of these tanks. An Aquamate is not just a product, it’s a partnership.”

Heidi Lindavies

Aquamate was recommended to us when we needed a good quality tank that held at least 20,000 Gallons. Within a week of letting Aquamate know that our base was prepared, our tank was in and it was a much smoother experience than we anticipated. The team were here when expected and worked solidly throughout the day to complete the installation before we got home from work. Our experience has been positive and we now have a quality tank that will meet our needs into the future.

Dzung Huynh

"They came on time! They were very careful, responsible and safe with their work."

Phil Versteegh

"After much research Aquamate was my choice for a tank because of its galvanized materials, so no anodes and no long term maintenance and service costs as is required with many of the other tanks on the market, yet it still gives a long term warranty. Peter, the installer, was a true professional and took pride in his work, needless to say the sight was left spotlessly clean. Thanks to all at Aquamate."

Brian Gepp

"My first Aquamate tank is now 12 years old & without any problems. I chose Aquamate again for my second tank because of the service contact before & during installation. As well it had an acceptable lead time, fire protectiveness, cost effectiveness & a long term warranty."

Fred Hay

"Aquamate's after sales service is second to none. We would recommend Aquamate to anybody requiring a Rainwater Tank"

Glen Norris

"The water from the Aquamate tank has a fresh clean taste."

Patrick Torrens

"I found Aquamate took the hassle out of installing a tank, arranging the best size tank for the area available."

James Graetz

"Aquamate make a quality tank and provide quality service - the installation team did a great job"

Trevor Hancock

"Aquamate custom built a tank higher than their standard tank to provide me a solution to my water storage volume need without having to increase the foot print"

Malcolm Langmaid

"We recently purchased an Aquamate Tank that required an additional inlet to suit our plumbing requirement; this was no trouble for Aquamate to come back out & fit for us"

Michael Treglown

"The Aquamate Installation team are first class"

Ben Pearson

“We are very happy with our tank installation and it looks great. Aquamate have been very efficient and easy to deal with throughout”

Oliver Ningelegen

"I'm glad I decided to buy an Aquamate Tank, great quality and great hassle free service!"

Gary Mueller

"We chose the Aquamate tank because we know it will last a long time"

Peter Molo

“Aquamate’s after sale service is excellent, even many years after I originally purchased my tank”

Alison Hanlon

"Relying totally on rainwater for the house, we really needed everything to go perfectly to minimise the period without water. Basically we had less than a week to disconnect the old tank from the house, demolish the tank, prepare the new and bigger pad on the old tank site, have the Aquamate tank delivered and installed, and then plumb all new pipes back to the house. It was a daring project and there wasn't much room for error. My biggest concern (other than the storm that was forecast on installation day) was having ordered the Aquamate unseen and I didn't know the supplier. However, on the big day the installers turned up on time, worked all day in 90 degree heat, finished ready for the water truck's arrival and for the first rain in months! I'm very grateful to Aquamate, without their friendly and professional work attitude it would never have been impossible."

Lesley James

“I am very happy Aquamate were able to customise a solution to suit our requirements.”

James Tomlinson

“Thank you for such a great experience. Your installers took a great deal of care to ensure I was totally satisfied with the tank I had bought”

Darren Longmire

"I did my homework and found that Aquamate offered the best value for money. There are no ongoing service costs so I know I made the right decision”

Darren Kelly

“I was very happy with the whole experience and the tank looks great! Thanks for a job well done.”

John Eoncheff

"Your installer was prompt and professional. He built the tank in such a way, you would have thought he was building it for himself. A fantastic job overall. Well done to you and your team."

John Faint

“The installation team were really professional and the tank looks great. This is the second Aquamate tank I have purchased for our property and I won’t hesitate to buy another one should the need arise. Thanks for a great job.”

James Mungall

"We recently purchased 3 Aquamate tanks for our winery. Aquamate understood our requirements and customised a solution to suit our needs. I would certainly use Aquamate again for any future requirements and recommend them to anyone looking for a large volume water storage solution."

David Moore

“We purchased an Aquamate Tank for our property in May 2000. We installed it ourselves and were able to see first hand the quality components and attention to detail Aquamate put into their water tanks. We would not hesitate to recommend an Aquamate water tank to anyone.”

Leon Gibland

"We purchased our Aquamate tank in 1988 to collect rainwater for all our daily requirements and it's still going strong."

Nicole Roberts

“We have purchased 3 Aquamate tanks for our property. We called Aquamate recently to report an issue with the overflow pipe on one of the tanks and they had someone out to fix the issue the same day. We would not hesitate to recommend Aquamate to anyone.”

Robin Bartsch

“It has been a good experience as all you said was to happen actually happened & on time. That's not always the case with things these days, so keep up the good work!”

Graeme Nicol

"My decision to buy an Aquamate tank was based on the quality of the product and the trouble free installation. I was most impressed with the tank being built in only one day. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend Aquamate to others."

Mark Andrews

"I found the process of purchasing the tank simple and professional from start to finish. I would highly recommend the purchase of an Aquamate tank to others."