Water Tanks for Rainwater Harvesting

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Rainwater is a precious resource. Rainwater is free, simple to collect and can be utilized in a number of areas around your home or ranch. From irrigation systems, laundry and bathroom use, to drinking water; rainwater that is correctly harvested, stored and distributed can be a valuable asset to your eco-friendly lifestyle. Aquamate is a leading supplier of rainwater storage tanks, working with rainwater harvesting professionals to supply durable, reliable and affordable solutions.


What are the important considerations when harvesting rainwater?

No matter what your intended use is, you’ll need a tank to store the rainwater you’ve collected. What you plan on doing with the water after it’s stored will influence your needs. For simple irrigation systems, all you may need is a pre-filter, first flush diverter and a small pump. For more complex drinking water systems, you may need to consider pumps, pipework, filtration and sterilization systems.

Rainwater harvesting professionals, like those certified by the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association, are a great way of ensuring that you have the correct parts, your rainwater harvesting system is properly designed, uses good quality products and is installed in a safe and professional manner.


How can Aquamate help?

Aquamate is a specialist manufacturer of steel water tanks for rainwater storage. Aquamate water tanks use a heavy duty galvanized coating on its steel tank shells, in combination with a flexible monofilament polyethylene liner, to provide a durable solution for rainwater storage.
Aquamate rainwater tanks use high quality components while remaining competitively priced, allowing you to maximize your return-on-investment (ROI). Aquamate manages to keep the price of its rainwater tanks down by manufacturing in bulk, servicing rainwater harvesting markets in Australia and North America.

Aquamate has been manufacturing and installing water tanks for rainwater collection for over 30 years

Aquamate’s tanks use food-grade liners, certified to NSF61 “Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects”, which means they’re perfectly safe for use with drinking water. Combined with a range of valves and accessories, our standard rainwater tanks suit most rainwater harvesting requirements.

Sold through our dealer network and installed by certified technicians, Aquamate tanks can be relied upon to last the test of time. To support our claim, Aquamate warrant our water tanks for twenty years when used to store untreated natural water – that includes rainwater!

To learn more about Aquamate’s products, head on over to our water tank page to find out more about water tanks for rainwater harvesting, or contact us to find a dealer in your area.


What other rainwater harvesting information is available?

State and county authorities are a great independent resource when it comes to researching the requirements for rainwater harvesting in your area.

In Texas, the Texas Water Development Board (twdb.texas.gov) has published the Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting to assist system owners about the products, consideration and guidelines associated with rainwater collection and re-use.

In California, documents like the City of San Diego Rainwater Harvesting Guide are a great starting point when beginning your rainwater collection and re-use journey.

Alternatively, you can contact us using the form below and we can help you with any of the questions about rainwater harvesting that you might have.

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